by Shugashack, 3466 days ago

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Omnotron Defense System
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Halfus Wyrmbreaker
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Good work team!

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It's as easy as 1-2-3!

by arcanes, 3479 days ago

Everyone should be accepted to be registered, so now all you have to do is:
1) Go into forums and look over deceths information posted for gearing up for raids.
2) Fill out availability for this weekend for raiding:
3) Make sure you have mumble. Not a problem if you have no mic or you're the quiet type, just download it and get in it so you can at least hear the instructions/keep up with raid mechanics. (regular port).
4) Show up with a shiny disposition and try to be patient.
5) /dance

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Dear Lich King, We gunna get you sucka!

by arcanes, 3515 days ago

Dudes, we're up to about 300 members (sure, a lot of those are alts, but still...). Our dearest Deceth/Persuxe will come back to us this weekend to take down Lich King. He wants our cooperation and our numbers. 25?10? Speak up, you flashy, sexy 80's. Too many melee/plate? Well, we'll let him sort that out. What we need to know is, do you jerks want to take down Lich King before Catacalysm or what?! Please take fgt poll.

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